Protect your children

Prescription drug use is destroying our community

College Educated but I still feel Worthless in America

With my head held high my soul drags lifeless upon the hard concrete. The thought of life more aggravating.  I’m alone perhaps! Every sentence I choose to keep inside fuels the fire more and… Continue reading

A lonely lanscape

As the droplets of liquid fall upon my cheek I ask my self what are tears made of? So overwhelmed with grief the soles of my shoes compress from the weight of the… Continue reading

صلاة من أجل غزة

الموت يطرق أبواب الكثير من السلام تطلبا! هل هو استجابة لا إرادية للانتقام من أولئك الذين تم المظلومين لكم لعقود. رائحة اللحم المتعفن من عشرات الجثث تحت المهترئ الروبل السقوط الإسكان، وصرخات الأم… Continue reading

The Watchers

You better watch what you watching Listen close while you Listen. These Hooks in these Songs mean more then the Norm. (The Commander in Chief wants your soul.) How far would you go… Continue reading


Praying to God about Money created by the Devil is the ultimate Blasphemy Homie told me he don’t believe in The Devil I told em Shit your Souls already His then. “Straight Necromancy”

FUck Fiat Currency

Routinely enough with precision the struggles that come in this era occur once more. Trance like symptoms an entire species within a force field. The false freedom of man. I’ve always been an… Continue reading

This old house

Italo Calvino said: The more enlightened our houses are, the more their walls ooze ghosts. Describe the ghosts that live in this house: Image credit: “love Don’t live here anymore…” – © 2009… Continue reading

lets be honest

As though a ton of bricks landed on my shoulders it seems a weekly downhill battle which seems to end results in tears. For along while I have been going into debt after… Continue reading

When the Sun ap…

When the Sun appears from The West instead of the East and the Sun does not come out for many days Who will you pray too then. THe Book of Enoch